4th May 2018

Act 3 scene 4

Act 3 scene 4

Characters: Macbeth, lady Macbeth, rosse, Lenox, lords and attendants
Location: a room of state in the palace. A banquet prepared.

The murderers attempt to kill fleance but he escapes, banquo isn’t so lucky. Inside the castle the thanes are welcomed by Macbeth. The first murderer informs Macbeth of banquos death but Macbeth is dismayed to hear of fleance’s get away. At the banquet in the castle Macbeth acts disappointed that banquo is not attending, he is then appalled at the sight of banquos ghost. Lady Macbeth acts as if Macbeths strange behaviour is nothing to worry about and reassures the thanes. She ten privately confronts him for showing his fear. Macbeth comes back to the feast and apologises to the thanes for his behaviour. He tries to act composed but is still unnerve do by the sight of a ghost. The thanes leave the banquet in confusion leaving Macbeth to contemplate the ways in which murders are revealed. He is also curious as to why Macduff refused to attend the banquet.

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