the english language is evolving faster than ever due to the introduction of text language

Ever since texting was established in 1992 by Neil Papworth, an informal form of english has begun to create itself. It began with simple abbreviations but has now evolved into a sophisticated mode of communication commonly referred to as text language.

The abbreviations are a result of trying to evolve the language to be faster. Groups of words become groups of letters which become easier and more efficient to type. Originally these abbreviations were created for use in texting only but over time have developed to be present in everyday face-to-face interactions. this is just one example of the many language features that have found themselves merging from texting to common english causing it the language itself to evolve faster than it has ever before.

transcript ( ejemplos )

mims – hey sexy

e$h – sup g  * tongue out smiley face emoji *

mims – wass gud bby lips emoji, wink emoji

e$h – im high on life maple leaf emoji

mims – noiiicceee tongue emoji im j chillin on ma giant caterpillar emoji rn ae, life’s pre gr8 atm

e$h – GR9 M9

mims – ew ur cringe xx ily tho loveheart emoji, kssy face emoji wachoo doin 2morrow oi

e$h – omg i’m tots excited ohave LUCAS BDAYYYY party emojis

mims – yo sammmeee tongue out emoji we finna get lit fire emoji, laughing emoji i h8 myself 4 saying that gross



e$h – yo u wanna hang b4 the rave?? inquiring face emoji, happy hands emoji

mims – fuck yeah pre drinks at mine? laughing emoji, beers clinking emoji

mims – kidding alcohol kills, stay in skwl kiddys

e$h – lmao would never do that ;))) my mum would kill me smirky face emoji

emoticons – emojis
abbreviations – ‘lol’ ‘gtg ‘brb ‘lmfao’


The English Language Is Changing Faster Than Ever


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  1. Your analysis is clear so far. I’d like you to take it further. Why is the speed of text entry so important when texting? We have managed with the slow-input methods of standard English for years – what has changed? And also, what is lost when we abbreviate? Why would I still want to write this comment in standard English? Is it just because I’m stubborn, or might there be another reason?


  2. So that you can get the most out of this exercise I think it would be good for you to try and write as much as you can of the ideas that you’ve laid out here. Let me know if you’d like some assistance.


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